Remedies available for both Dogs and Cats


1- Arthritis

Joint supplements treat the inflammation and the pain of arthritis.

2- Allergies

Stop itchy skin and promote healthy skin with Omega 3 fatty adids.

3- Ear Infections

Dirt or debris trapped in the ear of your pet willcause an infection. Clean ears regularly to avoid infections.

4- Ear Mites

Ear mites feed on the ear wax of your pet. You will need to treat with ear mite solution to prevent future infections.

5- Fleas &Ticks

Topical or  pill medications are available to kill both fleas and ticks on your pet.ailail

6- Heartworms

Monthly protection will keep your pet safe from these fatal worms.

7- Hot spots

Hot spots are caused by a reaction to the fleas bite. Anti-inflammatory Solutions with Omega 3 fatty acids help stop the itch and promote a healthy skin for your pets.

8- Incontinence

Treat with a homeopathic supplement, which has zero side affects to help stop incontinence.

9- Shedding

Regularly groom your pet to get rid of the undercoat to reduce the amount of hair falling from your pets coat.

10-Skin Irritation

Promote healthy skin with Omega 3 fatty acids to reduce skin issues. 

11- Tear Stains

Clogged tear ducts cause tear stains. Clean around the eyes regularly and add an oral supplement to get rid of the stains.

12- Urinary Infection

Urinary infections are painful. In most cases medication is needed, In mild cases, cranberry is an excellent herb for urinary treatment.

13- Vomiting & Diarrhea

This can be caused by several things, motion sickness, eating garbage ,or hairballs If this persists for more than a few days, immediately get your pet to a vet.

14- Worms

Young puppies and kittens have worms when they are born, being passed on from the mother’s milk. A regular de-worming routine should be used to protect your pets